Salvatore the Sloth

Salvatore the Sloth is an enigma - who is this Creature who likes to laze around all day, whilst dressed so flamboyantly? Local legend has it that one day he fell out of his tree into a traditional headdress and from that day on could not be separated from his fancy attire. Either way, we know him as a remarkably affable housemate -- the type who never makes a sound and keeps pretty quiet. Sweet, sweet, Salvatore.

Standing about 29cm tall by 16cm wide, Salvatore is a plush creature handmade from felt, and firmly stuffed for that nice, solid, huggable feeling. He is hand-stitched, covered with hairy arms and embellished with brass buttons.

As with all of the Creatures & Cream range, this cute little Sloth is designed to delight and bring joy to your household. I hope you enjoy him as much as I've enjoyed creating him!

Please note: our creatures are not suitable for children under the age of 3 years, due to small parts that may become dislodged if placed under a lot of stress! 


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